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It Was A Good Dream

Melodic Instrumental • Post-Rock


dunk!records (EU)

Birdlab Records (US)


Post-rock, Instrumental Rock, Soundtrack


Boston, MA, USA


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This Will Destroy You, Exposions in the Sky, Caspian, Tycho

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It Was A Good Dream is a Boston-based instrumental/post-rock band that began in early 2018. The project began as a compositional exercise for longtime friends and collaborators Chris Anthony and Alex Glover, and quickly grew into something larger than either anticipated.

Combining an experimental heart with a penchant for melody, the duo uses boundary-pushing studio technique and unconventional live looping to bring their dream-like vision to life. The result is a cinematic sound that’s as thrilling as it is moody - a devastating take on heavy-hitting rock music interwoven with futuristic melodic ambience. The mood-altering music was perhaps put into words best by Everything Is Noise writer Vidur Paliwal. “Rarely does it occur, that an album can transpose me into a certain atmosphere,” he says, “irrespective of the state of mind I had when I started listening to the album.”

In 2019, It Was a Good Dream released their debut album Help Me To Recollect (Dunk! Records), and quickly won the hearts of post-rock fans and publications worldwide. The album is saturated with a brightly haunted atmosphere; recorded in a centuries-old Masonic Temple-turned recording studio in Northeastern Massachusetts. The historical live room graciously left its fingerprints all over the recordings - gorgeously architected 50-foot tall ceilings end where effect pedals begin. Drums shake unreachable shelves and cymbals crash in their wake, bringing to life the resident dust in long-forgotten hallways. Unplanned creaks and rattles invite the listener to explore each deeply layered sound expertly captured by producer James Bridges (Caspian, American Echoes, Mike Gordon).

In late 2020, after several pandemic-induced tour cancellations, the duo returned to the studio. With writing influenced both consciously and subconsciously by the state of the world around them, they hunkered down to record their second LP, Rememory (TBD Fall 2022). The result is a dynamic journey that expands on the immersive sounds and enchanting melodies that they became known for, culminating in the 17-minute mini-opus, Spooling Lines Into the Deep.


Rememory (LP)

Dunk Records, upcoming

Rememory artwork

"Coming soon..."

Descend/Sustain/Surpress (single)

Birdlab Records, Winter 2020

Descend/Sustain/Surpress artwork

"Written for Piano Day 2020...It Was A Good Dream utilize the full toolkit of post-rock to create this moving track and its textures."

-Heavy Blog is Heavy

Help Me to Recollect (LP)

Dunk Records, Spring 2019

Help Me to Recollect artwork

"Help Me to Recollect sees the duo create large sonic landscapes, they imbibe the best of both ambient electronica and post-rock."

-Everything Is Noise


"Rarely does it occur, that an album can transpose me into a certain atmosphere, irrespective of the state of mind I had when I started listening to the album."

Everything is Noise

"...the band seem to have arrived at a conclusion that sheer intensity (which does occasionally pop up) doesn't have to be defined by conventional limits. Instead, it's something that can be welcomed as part of a broader, beautiful picture like the one It Was A Good Dream paints on Help Me to Recollect. 5/5"

Captured Howls

"This is great post rock, with indie jams in 'You Left a Letter and a Song' and shoegazing ambient elements in closer 'A Blistering Reminder of Why You Are Where You Are'"

Merchants of Air

"...from name to trippy video, through electronic percussion, hazy samples, and modified saxophone, is pure despondence and hefty mood weaved into just over five minutes of touching post-rock."

Heavy Blog is Heavy

"They make a kind of dreamy, melancholic, grandiose post-rock that is exactly what we all need right now."

Heavy Blog is Heavy

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